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Across the Pacific to New Zealand.  Through French Polynesia, The Cook Islands and Tonga.  From Hawaii to Alaska, Mexico, and Panama, and so many more.  This Privilege 482-S has proven herself time and time again as she comfortably and safely carried a family of four to many far away and remote places.

Ocean Passages

Sailing Snippets

A small sampling of some of the stronger winds and sea conditions experienced with this Privilege 482-S.  Sturdy and heavy, she tends to thrive in 15-25+ knot winds, except, as is typical with many catamarans, when sailing close-hulled to windward.

Mexico to Panama ~ March 2017

A comfortable ride in 2-3 meter waves while beating against wind and current in the Gulf of Papagayo near Costa Rica.  Of course, video or photos never do the sea true justice though!

7 Weeks Between Provisions

After a food and spares provision in Tahiti, this Privilege and her family of four were remote for 7 weeks before arriving in Hawai'i.  Completely loading her may slow her down, but she remains sturdy at sea.  The storage room on this boat is incredible!

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Boldly Goes Where No Other

"Has a catamaran ever done that before?" was said when prepping to sail the Southern Pacific Ocean from New Zealand to the Australs.  In Alaska, there were 3 catamarans in a 50-mile radius, and they were all Privileges!  The Privilege catamaran is an extremely capable boat.

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Sits On Her Keels

Do a quick bottom job while the tide is out!  Sometimes there's no haul-out yard available, or the cost to haul is expensive.  If there's enough tidal swing, this girl can sit on her bottom for a quick repair or "spa treatment".  The above photo was taken during an 11-foot tidal swing.

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